इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें।

We are living in a stressful and rapidly changing world, which is why in parenting it is less important (because of busyness) for us nowadays to build or promote emotional and mental strength in our children. That is where we’re making the biggest parenting mistakes.

 Studies have found that mentally strong children are not only better prepared to deal with future problems, but they are more likely to succeed in school and in their future jobs.

It will not be easy for parents nowadays, but some tips can help avoid these common mistakes.

1. Do not allow or suppress your child’s feelings.

Children need to know that it is a good thing to express their feelings and talk about them. When parents say such things to their children, such as “What is so tense in this?” Or “You should not feel about this,” they want to tell the children that emotions don’t matter and that they need to control it.

If your child is displaying a sense of fear during a loud storm, for example, saying, “I’m scared.” Then we can ask them what they think so that they can feel better in this situation. It teaches them how to calm emotions and practice coping with them on their own.

parenting tips

The point is, how will children come to control their emotions until they are able to think something?

2. Avoiding them from failing during parenting

During parenting, we do not want to see our children struggling with challenges that we can easily solve for them.

But think of it this way: If your child is doing poorly in school, then you know that telling them the answers to homework will only do harm because you can’t stay in the classroom when your child does an exam on that topic Must have been

failing during parenting

Failure is a big part of success. If children are never given the opportunity to learn the lessons hidden behind failure, they can never develop the tenacity or willpower that teaches them the habit of getting up after a shock (bounce back).

3. Always give children their favorite items

Children always want favorite items, and parents also like to give them. But research shows that when you give what you give to your children, they are not able to learn skills related to mental strength like self-discipline.

If you want children to understand the importance of something, whatever items you buy or give to them since childhood, make them feel, “Because you (the child) have finished their work, so you (the child) ) This item is being given.

favorite items

By doing this, we can create habits of responsibility in children.

4. Expecting them to be perfect

It is natural to prepare your child for big goals and expect the best in everything. But this is not how things work. Raising your expectations too high can lead to problems of self-esteem and confidence later in the life of children.


Tell your children that you are realistic, build, and develop mental strength in your children. And motivate them to fight their problems. Even if your children are not successful in the beginning, even the small failures they face can teach them valuable lessons of life and succeed next time. Can prepare for.

5. Keeping your children in the comfort zone

There are many things that your child may find uncomfortable, especially as they try something new, such as: trying new foods, making new friends, playing a new game and going to a new school. But like a failure, embracing uncomfortable moments can increase mental strength. Encourage your children to try new things. Help them get started because that is the hardest part. But once they take the first step, they may realize that it is not as difficult as they thought it might be – and that they can do.


Nowadays, the right parenting can help our children manage their emotional and mental balance. On the other hand not paying attention to this may lead them to have disrupted behavior and career failure later. We should choose the right ways to nurture them.

इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें।

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