DISC personality Test

Welcome to the free DISC personality assessment. DISC personality test is widely used in companies around the world to enhance the quality workforce in the company.

DISC types

  1. D for Dominance: D styles in the DISC types are: Strong-Willed, Firm, Result oriented, Direct. They don't like to waste their time and have an aggressive approach towards any problem.
  2. I for Influence: People with this style are High-Spirited, Enthusiastic, Lively, and full of energy.
  3. S for Steadiness: S style people are Humble, Even Tempered, Supportive, and Patient.
  4. C for Conscientiousness: People with this style are Precise, Systematic, Analytical, and reserved.

About the Test 

This free DISC Personality assessment has 21 questions and you have to choose scales of moods that relate to you most. There will be 4 options in each question and you will have to choose only one.


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