Anger Management Test


Anger management test

People differ in the ways they act and think in different situations. This is a test to measure some of how you act and think. Read each statement and, using the scale below, indicate how often you act and think in the way described. Do not spend too much time on any statement. Answer quickly and honestly.

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Please answer by choosing any one option:

1 = Almost Always

2 = Often

3 = Occasionally

4 = Rarely/never

P.S: Please answer honestly.

1.I plan tasks carefully.
2.I do things without thinking.
3.I make up my mind quickly.
4.I am happy-go-lucky.
5.I don’t “pay attention.”
6.I have racing thoughts.
7.I plan trips well ahead of time.
8.I am self-controlled.
9.I concentrate easily.
10.I save regularly.
11.I squirm during plays or lectures.
12.I am a careful thinker.
13.I plan for job security.
14.I say things without thinking.
15.I like to think about complex problems.
16.I change jobs.
17.I act on impulse.
18.I get easily bored when solving thought problems.
19.I act on the spur of the moment.
20.I am a steady thinker.
21.I change where I live.
22.I buy things on impulse.
23.I can only think about one problem at a time.
24.I change hobbies.
25.I spend or charge more than I earn.
26.I have outside thoughts when thinking.
27.I am more interested in the present than in the future.
28.I am restless at the theater or lectures.
29.I like puzzles.
30.I am future oriented

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