We want everything to go according to our interests but sometimes we don’t pay attention to our overwhelming behavior with people in our surroundings.

Even though we think that we care about our loved ones and try our best for them but still they don’t feel comfortable with our behavior.

The following Are You a Control Freak personality quiz is about how you feel about yourself at present. Please respond with Yes or No.

1.I am easily awakened by the noise.
2.When it’s time to make a major decision like purchasing a house or a car, I usually make that decision.
3.When it’s time to make a major decision about moving, I usually make that decision.
4.My daily life is full of things that are interesting.
5.I enjoy detective or mystery stories.
6.I work under a great deal of tension.
7.When it’s time to discipline the children, I make that decision.
8.No one seems to understand me.
9.When it’s time to decide about social events with friends or family, I usually make that decision.
10.I like to be bossy.
11.At times I feel like swearing.
12.I like to get in the last word.
13.I find it hard to keep my mind on a task.
14.At times I feel like smashing things.
15.I like to know the details about other people’s phone conversations.
16.I do not always tell the truth.
17.I like to have rules and structure for handling most or all situations.
18.I like to monitor other people to make sure things are going the way they should be.
19.I like to make sure everything goes according to plan.
20.I am a good mixer.
21.I like to lead conversations or group discussions.
22.I am liked by most people.
23.I get angry sometimes.
24.I may be inclined to interrupt people if they are not responding in the way they should be.
25.I think most people would lie to get ahead.
26.I am lacking in self-confidence.
27.I am an important person.
28.I have a tendency to manipulate, maneuver, or control other people.
29.I am a good leader but not particularly a good follower.
30.I like to give directions about driving or other activities.
31.I am happy most of the time.
32.I am a person who, if I am going out for an evening, likes to decide where to eat, what movie to attend, etc.
33.My hardest battles are with myself.
34.I seem to be about as capable and smart as most others around me.
35.I tend to over structure spontaneous time such as vacation, etc., and turn them into controlled events.
36.I feel useless at times.
37.I have ideas about controlling other things with the children and other people such as how much food they should have on their plate, etc.
38.I am seen by relatives as being a dominant member of our extended family.
39.I am the one who usually decides which television channel to watch.
40.I am the one who usually controls the thermostat in the house.
41.Criticism or scolding hurts me terribly.
42.I would rather win than lose in a game.
43.I do not tire quickly.

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