About Robert Hare Psychopath Test


There are many Psychopath Test but the one which is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ is Robert Hare Psychopath Test. The checklist made by him is considered by clinicians and researchers worldwide.

It is considered to be the outstanding predictor of violent behaviour that we have.


Who can use Robert Hare Psychopath Test


This test has far reaching applications so it is limited to only a small group of people.

However this test is prepared for mind management and to check whether our mind is on right track or not.

There are 20 questions for which 3 choices are given. No answer is right or wrong. 

Please be honest to your response…



1.I am not afraid to say anything to anyone.
2.I prefer to hear myself talk because what I say is more interesting than what other people had to say.
3.I am always looking for excitement and entertainment.
4.My ability to lie is stunning even though there is a high probability of being caught.
5.I like to deceive, cheat, con, bilk, trick, or defraud others for personal gain.
6.Despite my words, I experience little emotion or concern for the pain and suffering of my victims.
7.Despite seeming very friendly I have coldness towards others.
8.Often I feel a lack of empathy towards others.
9.If I get a chance, I will intentionally manipulate and exploit others for financial gain.
10.Often I feel sudden outbursts of anger and temper and act hastily.
11.I don’t mind have many brief encounters, many affairs while married, and maybe indiscriminate in selecting partners (heterosexual and homosexual relationships) and even maintain several relationships at the same time.
12.For me, there is often a history of antisocial behavior before age 13, including lying, stealing, cheating, vandalism, bullying, truancy, sexual activity, firesetting, substance abuse, and running away from home.
13.While I talk about big plans, I show an inability or persistent failure to execute long-term goals; then people say to me that I may drift from one place to another lacking any real direction in life.
14.Many of my behaviors are not premeditated and seem to be unplanned.
15.I think I will repeatedly fail to honor commitments or obligations, in school, work, family, or social situations.
16.I don’t like to take responsibility for my actions.
17.I would love to have many short-term relationships.
18.I had many behavioral difficulties between the age of 13 to 18.
19.Usually, when there is a time for me to show up, I hesitate.
20.I take great pride while hurting others.

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