Are You Ready for Death?


Death is inevitable! When we think about death, we stop thinking about anything else in the world.

So today, let’s check how much you are ready for death?

Please choose the number that best describes your sentiments, perspective, or way of life at this point in your life for each of the following statements.

1.I have developed a personal understanding of existence that helps me to appreciate life fully.
2.The physical surroundings in which I live are very healthy.
3.Nothing interesting happens in my life.
4.I don’t have any influence on my surroundings.
5.I am of no value in the eyes of society.
6.If I died today, I feel that absolutely no trace of the influence of myself would remain.
7.I participate in the development of many others.
8.I feel that I will always be an integral part of the world despite my inevitable death.
9.I feel that I am doing what I want in life.
10.I have certain values or beliefs that help me accept or rise above my mortal condition.
11.I have the feeling that human nature is doomed to destruction.
12.Intimate relationships scare me.
13.Once I’ve decided to do something, I do it with sustained interest.
14.I often feel very lonely.
15.The eventuality of my death contributes toward giving meaning and structure to my life.
16.My sex life contributes greatly to my well-being.
17.I have difficulty undertaking new things.
18.I feel comfortable in my body.
19.My love life brings me joy.
20.I feel competent in what I do.
21.If I died today, I have the feeling that I would live on in certain people I would leave behind.
22.I am full of energy and vitality.
23.I am not sure of who I am.
24.I am satisfied with my life so far.
25.I have good contact with others.
26.I feel that I do not use my time well.

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