The following statements describe how people feel about themselves and other people. Read each statement carefully, then

mark how much you agree or disagree with it, using the scale below:
5 = Strongly agree
4 = Agree
3 = Neither agree nor disagree
2 = Disagree
1 = Strongly disagree

1.I live too much by other people’s standards.
2.In order to get along and be liked, I tend to be what people expect me to be rather than anything else.
3.I guess I put on a show to impress people. I know I’m not the person I pretend to be.
4.I change my opinion (or the way I do things) in order to please someone else.
5.I have to be careful at parties and social gatherings for fear I will do or say things that others won’t like.
6.6. In class, or in a group, I am unlikely to express my opinion because I fear that others may not think well of it or of me.
7.7. I keep still or tell “little white lies” in the company of my friends so as not to reveal to them that I am different (or think differently) from them.
8.8. There are many aspects of my behavior over which I have very little control.
9.9. I often find that my own inclinations have little to do with what I actually do or say.
10.10. I have trouble taking orders because they often conflict with my own inclinations.
11.I always practice what I preach.
12.I am basically good at following through with my plans.
13.I never say anything I don’t mean.
14.I have my own code of behavior and I follow it to the letter.
15.All one’s behavior should be directed toward a certain small number of definite personal goals.
16.16. ”Tell it like it is” is always the best policy.
17.17. I can make impromptu speeches even on topics about which I have almost no information.
18.18. I would probably make a good actor because I can play any role.
19.19. I have very little trouble changing my behavior to suit different people and different situations.
20.20. In informal discussions I often speak in favor of an unpopular position in order to cause people to think more carefully about what they are saying.
21.21. I can only argue for ideas to which I am strongly committed.
22.22. I think that it is very hard to predict how people are going to behave.
23.23. Most behavior can’t be predicted in advance.
24.24. Some of the things my friends decide to do often come as a great surprise to me.
25.25. Once you get to know a person well, even then his behavior will often surprise you.
26.26. I usually have a pretty good idea how I’m going to behave in a particular situation.
27.27. I usually know what my friends are going to do.
28.28. I think that most people are very predictable.
29.29. Once you get to know a person well, you can usually tell what he/she is going to do.

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