About the Borderline Personality Disorder Test

In this Borderline Personality Disorder Test, there are 47 questions. You are asked to what extent you were troubled by some complaints about some time.

Note: Please consider complaints of the last month only.

Please select any one of the following:

  • Not at all
  • Slightly
  • Moderately
  • To a large degree
  • Extremely

Please choose the right answers as per your best knowledge.




1.You are spending too much money that you cannot afford to spend.
2.You are experiencing quick changes of mood.
3.You have uncontrolled outbursts of anger and frustration.
4.You are experiencing yourself as in a movie or dream.
5.Hitting others or throwing things at others.
6.You are injuring yourself on purpose ( burning, hitting, pricking, cutting)
7.You are not knowing whether you actually feel attracted to men or women.
8.You are gambling too much nowadays.
9.You are having a strong urge to kill yourself.
10.You have the uncertainty about who you really are.
11.You are feeling bored or empty from inside.
12.You are drinking too much.
13.You are having fear that others will leave you.
14.You are being so different in various situations or with other people that you don’t know who you are anymore.
15.You have uncertainty about what your life should look like.
16.You are being convinced that others are treating you unfairly.
17.You are indulged in use of drugs.
18.You are experiencing strong changes in feeling for other people.
19.You are distrusting other people.
20.You are not daring to recognize the bad sides of yourself.
21.You have the idea that if others really get to know you, they will reject you.
22.You are doing reckless driving (car, motor, bike)
23.World around you seems very unfamiliar and unreal. (not because of drugs)
24.You are having the tendency to act in life threatening ways (e.g., in traffic)
25.You have feelings of despair.
26.You are trying to kill Yourself.
27.You are losing your senses because you are convinced/ think that somebody who’s important to you, will leave you.
28.You are threatening other people that you will injure or kill yourself.
29.You are doing binge eating.
30.You are thinking yourself to be a bad and unacceptable person.
31.You have the feeling that you are being persecuted (harass or punish) by others.
32.You are not knowing what friends or loved ones you want to have.
33.You are having feelings that are unacceptable to you.
34.You are not able to figure out what is actually important to you.
35.You want to shoplift.
36.You have sudden anxieties, depressions or irritability.
37.You are becoming so angry that you lose control and break things.
38.You are not being able to remember important things (not because of drugs).
39.You are being very suspicious.
40.You are feeling terribly disappointed in someone you first admired or loved.
41.You are acting on an impulsive sexual contact you later regretted.
42.You are suddenly losing trust in other people.
43.You are having the conviction that you’re not able to deal with life on your own.
44.You are hating yourself, everybody and the world.
45.You are frantically trying to prevent others from leaving you.
46.You are having uncertainty about what your true standards and values are.
47.You are not knowing anymore what you have done or where you are (not because of drugs).

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