What is Empathy?


Empathy is your ability to be in another’s situation and be able to respond accordingly. Empathetic people are good at understanding what others feel.

About Empathy Quiz


The following Empathy Quiz describes feelings and reactions to a variety of situations. There are 9 options for each question. There are no right and wrong answers. Ok then, let’s go for Empathy Quiz…

1.It makes me sad to see a lonely stranger in a group.
2.People make too much of the feelings and sensitivity of animals.
3.I often find public displays of affection annoying.
4.I am annoyed by unhappy people who are just sorry for themselves.
5.I become nervous if others around me seem to be nervous.
6.I find it silly for people to cry out of happiness.
7.I tend to get emotionally involved with a friend’s problems.
8.Sometimes the words of a love song can move me deeply.
9.I tend to lose control when I am bringing bad news to people.
10.The people around me have a great influence on my moods.
11.Most foreigners I have met seemed cool and unemotional.
12.I would rather be a social worker than work in a job training center.
13.I don’t get upset just because a friend is acting upset.
14.I like to watch people open presents.
15.Lonely people are probably unfriendly.
16.Seeing people cry upsets me.
17.Some songs make me happy.
18.I really get involved with the feelings of the characters in a novel.
19.I get very angry when I see someone being ill-treated.
20.I am able to remain calm even though those around me worry.
21.When a friend starts to talk about his problems, I try to steer the conversation to something else.
22.Another’s laughter is not catching for me.
23.Sometimes at the movies, I am amused by the amount of crying and sniffling around me.
24.I am able to make decisions without being influenced by people’s feelings.
25.I cannot continue to feel okay if people around me are depressed.
26.It is hard for me to see how some things upset people so much.
27.I am very upset when I see an animal in pain.
28.Becoming involved in books or movies is a little silly.
29.It upsets me to see helpless old people.
30.I become more irritated than sympathetic when I see someone’s tears.
31.I become very involved when I watch a movie.
32.I often find that I can remain cool in spite of the excitement around me.
33.Little children sometimes cry for no apparent reason.

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