Free Big 5 Personality Test:

In Psychology, when we want to study personality traits then generally we go for trait theories. It is said Big 5 Personality test/ traits or OCEAN model. It is also known as the five-factor model (FFM). When after receiving personality survey data, if we apply factor analysis then we observe some patterns related to personality.

About Free Big 5 Personality Test:

Big 5 Personality traits generally take the following aspects of behavior:

  1. Openness to experience
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Extroversion
  4. Agreeableness
  5. Neuroticism

The participant will be rated on a five-point scale. Please study results carefully for descriptions of traits.

So, let’s get started….

1.I am talkative. I enjoy talking for hours.
2.It is good to find faults with others.
3.I enjoy doing thorough job.
4.I am often depressed.
5.I think my thoughts are original. I usually come up with new ideas.
6.I am reserved.
7.I feel that I am helpful and unselfish with others.
8.At times, I can be somewhat careless.
9.I think about myself to be relaxed and a good stress manager.
10.I am curious about many different things.
11.I am full of energy.
12.I usually start quarrels with others.
13.I am a reliable worker at workplace.
14.I can be tensed at times.
15.I think I am an ingenious and deep thinker.
16.My mind generates a lot of enthusiasm.
17.I have a forgiving nature.
18.I am disorganized.
19.I worry a lot.
20.I have an active imagination.
21.I like to be quiet.
22.I say that you can trust me.
23.I am a lazy person.
24.I am emotionally stable and don’t easily get upset.
25.I like doing new inventions.
26.I have an assertive personality.
27.Leave me alone.
28.I will not give up until the task is done.
29.I am moody.
30.I am someone who values artistic, aesthetic experiences.
31.I am sometimes shy, inhibited.
32.I am considerate and kind to almost everyone.
33.I do things efficiently.
34.I remain calm in tense situations.
35.I prefer work that is routine.
36.I am outgoing, sociable.
37.I am sometimes rude to others.
38.I make plans and follow through with them.
39.I get nervous easily.
40.I like to to reflect, play with ideas.
41.I have few artistic interests.
42.I like to to cooperate with others.
43.I am easily distracted
44.I am sophisticated in art, music, or literature.

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