This quiz (How Anxious Are You?)has sixty questions about issues that most people face on a regular basis. Carefully read each item.

Answer “Yes” if you’ve had any of the following ideas, feelings, physical symptoms, or behaviors as described in any of the items.

If you haven’t already, say “No.” Please double-check that none of the items are omitted.

Please do not pause over any of the questions. We’re looking for your initial reaction, not a well-thought-out comment.

1.I blush easily.
2.I often feel so helpless and desperate that life becomes a source of suffering for me.
3.Poor sleep is one of my biggest problems.
4.I often avoid talking to people in a train or on a bus.
5.I tend to avoid going out.
6.I often have a headache.
7.I often experience the feeling of embarrassment.
8.A jittery feeling has become part of my life.
9.I often have dizzy attacks.
10.I sometimes cannot think of anything except for my worries.
11.I seldom experience chest pain.
12.I seldom feel on edge.
13.I cannot concentrate on a task because of disruption by uncontrolled thoughts.
14.I rarely feel joyful.
15.I have persistent disturbing thoughts.
16.I definitely avoid going to any kind of place again where I previously had a difficult time (for example, a social gathering or a street, etc.).
17.I sometimes think of myself as an inefficient person.
18.My feelings dominate my personality so much that I have no control over them.
19.I worry a lot when I think of possible disapproval from others.
20.I often experience the feeling of excitement.
21.I rarely try to steer clear of challenging jobs.
22.I rarely have disturbed sleep.
23.I sometimes feel upset.
24.My muscles are quite tense throughout the day.
25.When at home I usually try not to stay alone at night.
26.I sometimes get easily tired even when not working hard.
27.I rarely worry about unimportant events.
28.I seldom laugh freely.
29.I usually worry that I will not be able to cope with difficulties in my life.
30.I tend to avoid talking to someone who is above me such as my boss.
31.I rarely find myself lost in worrying.
32.Wherever I go or whatever I do, I always have a feeling of discomfort.
33.I sometimes avoid participating in discussions even though I know the topic well.
34.My hands rarely shake.
35.I sometimes feel extremely self-conscious.
36.I am worried that others might misunderstand me.
37.I occasionally experience a tingling sensation around my body.
38.I rarely try to keep away from social gatherings.
39.I sometimes feel happy but it easily fades away.
40.Even if everything is going well, my mind is occupied by imagining upsetting ideas.
41.I seldom have palpitations.
42.I cannot think clearly about anything because disrupting thoughts keep occurring in my mind.
43.There seems to be a lump in my throat much of the time.
44.I cannot feel relaxed even though I am not in a hurry.
45.I seldom avoid speaking at social occasions.
46.Even if it is necessary, I sometimes avoid asking other people questions.
47.I very rarely imagine myself being unpopular with my friends.
48.I have diarrhea once a month or more.
49.I often find myself thinking about possible embarrassing situations.
50.I usually feel quite insecure in my life.
51.I have a tight sensation at my neck.
52.I usually avoid getting involved in social activities.
53.My uneasy feelings flare up at any moment.
54.I usually try to avoid walking in crowded streets.
55.I always feel irritable.
56.I hardly ever tell jokes.
57.I am concerned about how others view me.
58.I sometimes have stomach problems.
59.Half of my thoughts are related to some kinds of worries.
60.I try to avoid standing up to other people even if they have taken advantage of me.

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