An Adult Self-Expression Scale


If you like to say things clearly without hurting others then it’s most likely that you are an assertive person. Assertiveness makes you clear-headed, to the point, and a strong communicator. It becomes very interesting if you try to test how much assertive are you.

Effective interpersonal relationships require assertiveness, which is defined as the socially appropriate expressing of feelings. For decades, behavioral psychologists have been interested in this critical feature, and they have devised a range of tests to assess it. The Adult Self-Expression Scale, developed by psychologists Melvin Gay, James Hollandsworth, and John Galassi.


1.Do you ignore it when someone pushes in front of you in line?
2.Do you find it difficult to ask a friend to do a favor for you?
3.If your boss or supervisor makes what you consider an unreasonable request, do you have difficultly saying no?
4.Are you reluctant to speak to an attractive acquaintance of the opposite sex?
5.Is it difficult for you to refuse unreasonable requests from your parents?
6.Do you find it difficult to accept compliments from your boss or supervisor?
7.Do you express your negative feelings to others when it is appropriate?
8.Do you freely volunteer information or opinions in discussions with people whom you do not know well?
9.If there was a public figure whom you greatly admired and respected at a large social gathering, would you make an effort to introduce yourself?
10.How often do you openly express justified feelings of anger to your parents?
11.If you have a friend of whom your parents do not approve, do you make an effort to help them get to know one another better?
12.If you were watching a TV program in which you were very interested and a close relative was disturbing you, would you ask them to be quiet?
13.Do you play an important part in deciding how you and your close friends spend your leisure time together?
14.If you are angry at your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, is it difficult for you to tell him/her?
15.If a friend who is supposed to pick you up for an important engagement calls fifteen minutes before he/she is supposed to be there and says that he/she cannot make it, do you express your annoyance?
16.If in a rush you stop by a supermarket to pick up a few items, would you ask to go before someone in the checkout line?
17.Do you find it difficult to refuse the requests of others?
18.If your boss or supervisor expresses opinions with which you strongly disagree, do you venture to state your own point of view?
19.If you have a close friend whom your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend dislikes and constantly criticizes, would you inform him/her that you disagree and tell him/her of your friend’s assets?
20.Do you find it difficult to ask favors of others?
21.If food which is not to your satisfaction was served in a good restaurant, would you bring it to the waiter’s attention?
22.Do you tend to drag out your apologies?
23.When necessary, do you find it difficult to ask favors of your parents?
24.Do you insist that others do their fair share of the work?
25.Do you have difficulty saying no to salesmen?
26.Are you reluctant to speak up in a discussion with a small group of friends?
27.Do you express anger or annoyance to your boss or supervisor when it is justified?
28.Do you compliment and praise others?
29.Do you have difficulty asking a close friend to do an important favor, even though it will cause him/her some inconvenience?
30.If a close relative makes what you consider to be an unreasonable request, do you have difficulty saying no?
31.If your boss or supervisor makes a statement that you consider untrue, do you question it aloud?
32.If you find yourself becoming fond of a friend, do you have difficulty expressing these feelings to that person?
33.Do you have difficulty exchanging a purchase with which you are dissatisfied?
34.If someone in authority interrupts you in the middle of an important conversation, do you request that the person wait until you have finished?
35.If a person of the opposite sex whom you have been wanting to meet directs attention to you at a party, do you take the initiative in beginning the conversation?
36.Do you hesitate to express resentment to a friend who has unjustifiably criticized you?
37.If your parents wanted you to come home for a weekend visit and you had made important plans, would you change your plans?
38.Are you reluctant to speak up in a discussion or debate?
39.If a friend who has borrowed $5.00 from you seems to have forgotten about it, is it difficult for you to remind this person?
40.If your boss or supervisor teases you to the point that it is no longer fun, do you have difficulty expressing your displeasure?
41.If your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend is blatantly unfair, do you find it difficult to say something about it to him/her?
42.If a clerk in a store waits on someone who has come in after you when you are in a rush, do you call his attention to the matter?
43.If you lived in an apartment and the landlord failed to make certain repairs after it had been brought to his attention, would you insist on it?
44.Do you find it difficult to ask your boss or supervisor to let you off early?
45.Do you have difficulty verbally expressing love and affection to your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend?
46.Do you readily express your opinions to others?
47.If a friend makes what you consider to be an unreasonable request, are you able to refuse?

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