The following test contain a series of statements about how you might think, feel, or behave. You are asked to indicate the extent to which each statement pertains to you personally. In order to complete the questionnaire, read each statement carefully and decide how much it relates to you personally. Using the scale below, indicate your answer by entering it to the left of the number of the statement.

1 = Definitely disagree
2 = Mostly disagree
3 = Neither agree nor disagree

4 = Mostly agree
5 = Definitely agree

So let’s get going…

1.Before going out in public, I always notice how I look.
2.I am careful to buy clothes that will make me look my best.
3.I would pass most physical-fitness tests.
4.It is important that I have superior physical strength.
5.My body is sexually appealing.
6.I am not involved in a regular exercise program.
7.I like my looks just the way they are.
8.I check my appearance in a mirror whenever I can.
9.Before going out, I usually spend a lot of time getting ready.
10.My physical endurance is good.
11.Participating in sports is unimportant to me.
12.I do not actively do things to keep physically fit.
13.Most people would consider me good-looking.
14.It is important that I always look good
15.I use very few grooming products.
16.I easily learn physical skills.
17.Being physically fit is not a strong priority in my life.
18.I do things to increase my physical strength.
19.I like the way I look without my clothes.
20.I am self-conscious if my grooming isn’t right.
21.I usually wear whatever is handy without caring how it looks.
22.I do poorly in physical sports or games.
23.I seldom think about my athletic skills.
24.I work to improve my physical stamina.
25.I like the way my clothes fit me.
26.I don’t care what people think about my appearance.
27.I take special care with my hair grooming.
28.I dislike my physique.
29.I don’t care to improve my abilities in physical activities.
30.I try to be physically active.
31.I am physically unattractive.
32.I never think about my appearance.
33.I am always trying to improve my physical appearance.
34.I am very well coordinated.
35.I play a sport regularly throughout the year.

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