This Personality quiz was developed by Mosher who introduced his Forced-Choice Guilt Inventory some 40 years ago on 272 college graduates. The personality test measures guilt and anxiety during having a sexual relationship. If you want to know how guilty are you about sex, then be honest while answering quizzes.

  • Please note there are 25 pairs of 50 questions.
  • Please rate yourself on the following 7 scales:
  1. Extremely true of (for) me
  2. Mostly true of (for) me
  3. Occasionally true of (for)  me
  4. True of (for) me
  5. Sometimes true of (for) me
  6. Rarely true of (for) me
  7. Not at all true of (for) me

So, let’s start…..

1.“Dirty” jokes in mixed company do not bother me.
2.“Dirty” jokes in mixed company are something that make me very uncomfortable.
3.Masturbation is wrong and will ruin you.
4.Masturbation helps one feel eased and relaxed.
5.Sex relations before marriage should be permitted.
6.Sex relations before marriage are wrong and immoral.
7.Sex relations before marriage ruin many a happy couple.
8.Sex relations before marriage are good in my opinion
9.Unusual sex practices might be interesting.
10.Unusual sex practices don’t interest me.
11.When I have sexual dreams ……I sometimes wake up feeling excited.
12.When I have sexual dreams . . . I try to forget them.
13.“Dirty” jokes in mixed company are in bad taste.
14.“Dirty” jokes in mixed company …can be funny depending on the company.
15.Petting . . . I am sorry to say is becoming an accepted practice.
16.Petting . . . is an expression of affection that is satisfying.
17.Unusual sex practices are not so unusual.
18.Unusual sex practices don’t interest me
19.Sex is good and enjoyable.
20.Sex should be saved for wedlock and childbearing.
21.“Dirty” jokes are coarse to say the least.
22.“Dirty” jokes are lots of fun.
23.When I have sexual desires, I enjoy it like all healthy human beings.
24.When I have sexual desires, I fight them for I must have complete control of my body.
25.Unusual sex practices are unwise and lead only to trouble.
26.Unusual sex practices are all in how you look at it.
27.Unusual sex practices are okay as long as they’re heterosexual.
28.Unusual sex practices usually aren’t pleasurable because you have preconceived feelings about their being wrong.
29.Sex relations before marriage in my opinion, should not be practiced.
30.Sex relations before marriage are practiced too much to be wrong.
31.As a child, sex play is immature and ridiculous.
32.As a child, sex play . . . was indulged in.
33.Unusual sex practices are dangerous to one’s health and mental condition.
34.Unusual sex practices are the business of those who carry them out and no one else’s.
35.When I have sexual desires, I attempt to repress them.
36.When I have sexual desires …..they are quite strong.
37.Petting . . . is not a good practice until after marriage.
38.Petting . . . is justified with love.
39.Sex relations before marriage . . . help people adjust.
40.Sex relations before marriage . . . should not be recommended.
41.Masturbation . . . is wrong and a sin.
42.Masturbation . . . is a normal outlet for sexual desire.
43.Masturbation . . . is all right.
44.Masturbation . . . is a form of self-destruction.
45.Unusual sex practices . . . are awful and unthinkable.
46.Unusual sex practices . . . are all right if both partners agree.
47.If I had sex relations, I would feel all right, I think.
48.If I had sex relations, I would feel …I was being used, not loved.
49.Masturbation is all right.
50.Masturbation should not be practiced.

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