People with chronic illnesses or who have had traumatic experiences frequently discuss not only the unpleasant aspects of their sickness or experience but also the positive aspects of their sickness or experience.

A list of some of these positive aspects follows. Indicate the extent to which each occurred in your life as a result of your sickness or painful event on a scale of “(this did not happen to me)”to “(I experienced a great deal of this).”

1.I learned to look at things in a more positive way.
2.I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was.
3.I learned to be a more optimistic person.
4.I realized how much my family cares about me.
5.I learned to be more confident in myself.
6.I learned to approach life more calmly.
7.I have more compassion for others.
8.Now I know I can handle difficulties.
9.My relationship with my family became more important.
10.I learned to work through my problems and not give up.
11.I learned to find more meaning in life.
12.My faith in God increased.
13.My relationship with my family became more meaningful.
14.My life now has more meaning and satisfaction.
15.I learned to appreciate the strength of others who have difficult times.
16.My confidence in God increased.
17.I learned to live for today, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.
18.Now I know that I can count on my friends in difficult times.
19.I learned to deal better with uncertainty.
20.I learned to be more patient.

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