So… are you looking for a good love personality test?

You must be thinking, “Let me try and get the idea of how romantic I am.”

Why not. Let’s try that out by this simple personality test of the relationship scale.

About the Test

This love personality test will measure your current relationship status with whom you are most involved at present time (showed as X here ).

Please be honest about the extent of how you agree or disagree with upcoming statements.

The scales used here is,

1 = Strongly disagree
2 = Moderately disagree
3 = Slightly disagree
4 = Slightly agree
5 = Moderately agree
6 = Strongly agree

So let’s check, How Romantic are you in this love per

1.X’s presence makes any activity more enjoyable.
2.X is close to my ideal as a person.
3.I am very lucky to be involved in a relationship with X.
4.I find myself wanting X when we’re not together.
5.My relationship with X has given my life more direction and purpose.
6.I spend more time thinking about my career than I do about X.
7.I’d be extremely depressed for a long time if my relationship with X were to end.
8.If I couldn’t have X, I’d easily find someone to replace X.
9.My relationship with X has made my life more worthwhile.
10.I don’t really need X.
11.I want X.
12.I am very dependent upon X.
13.I feel very proud to know X.
14.I want X to confide mostly in me.
15.I spend a great deal of time thinking about X.
16.I want X to tell me “I love you.”
17.I feel very secure in my relationship with X.
18.X is a rather mysterious person.
19.I often wonder how much X really cares for me.
20.Sometimes, I wish I didn’t care so much for X.
21.I worry that X doesn’t care as much for me as I do for X.
22.I have great difficulty trying to figure out X.
23.I have imagined the conversations I would have with X.
24.I try to plan out what I want to say before talking to X.
25.X pays enough attention to me.
26.I feel uneasy if X is making friends with someone of the opposite sex.
27.I need X more than X needs me.
28.X has been the cause of some of my worst depressions.
29.My relationship with X is stable and quietly satisfying.
30.There is little conflict between X and myself.
31.I worry about losing X’s affection.

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