About the Narcissistic Personality Quiz


The feeling of pleasure through envy or egotistic appreciation of one’s idealized self-image and qualities is referred to as narcissism.

Narcissus, a young man who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water in Greek mythology, coined the word.

In this quiz, there are seven subscales on which participants will be evaluated ie.

  1. Authority: (the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience)
  2. Self-sufficiency: (the quality or condition of being self-sufficient)
  3. Superiority: (the state of being superior)
  4. Exhibitionism: (extravagant behavior that is intended to attract attention to oneself)
  5. Exploitativeness: (using someone unfairly for your own advantage)
  6. Vanity: (excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements)
  7. Entitlement: (the fact of having a right to something)

There are 40 items with 2 statements A and B. There are no right and wrong answers.

Let’s go…

1.A, I have a characteristic ability for affecting individuals. B. I’m bad at impacting individuals.
2.A. Humility doesn’t become me. B. I’m basically a humble individual.
3.A. I would do nearly anything on a challenge. B. I will in general be a genuinely mindful individual.
4.A. At the point when individuals praise me I now and then get humiliated. B. I realize that I am acceptable in light of the fact that everyone continues to advise me so.
5.A. The possibility of administering the world alarms the hellfire out of me. B. In the event that I governed the world it would be a superior spot.
6.A. I can typically talk right out of anything. B. I attempt to acknowledge the outcomes of my conduct.
7.A. I like to mix in with the group. B. I like to be the focal point of consideration.
8.A.I will be a triumph. B. I’m not very worried about progress.
9.A. I’m no more excellent or more awful than a great many people. B. I think I am an exceptional individual.
10.A. I don’t know whether I would make a decent pioneer. B. I consider myself to be a decent pioneer.
11.A. I’m confident. B. I want to be more emphatic.
12.A. I like to have authority over others. B. I wouldn’t mind following requests.
13.A. I think that its simple to control individuals. B. I don’t care for it when I wind up controlling individuals.
14.A. I demand getting the regard that is expected me. B. I generally get the regard that I merit.
15.A. I don’t especially prefer to flaunt my body. B. I like to flaunt my body.
16.A. I can easily figure individuals out. B. Individuals are at times difficult to comprehend.
17.A. In the event that I feel skillful I will assume liability for deciding. B. I like to assume liability for deciding.
18.A. I simply need to be sensibly cheerful. B. I need to add up to something according to the world.
19.A. My body is not much. B. I like to take a gander at my body.
20.A. I make an effort not to be a hotshot. B. I will typically flaunt on the off chance that I find the opportunity.
21.A. I generally understand what I am doing. B. Now and then I don’t know of what I am doing.
22.A. I some of the time rely upon individuals to complete things. B. I once in a while rely upon any other individual to complete things.
23.A. At times I recount great stories. B. Everyone likes to hear my accounts.
24.A. I anticipate an extraordinary arrangement from others. B. I like to get things done for others.
25.A. I won’t ever be fulfilled until I get all that I merit. B. I accept my fulfillment.
26.A. Praises humiliate me. B. I like to be praised.
27.A. I have a solid will to control. B. Force for the well being of its own doesn’t intrigue me.
28.A. I couldn’t care less about new crazes and molds. B. I like to begin new crazes and forms.
29.A. I like to take a gander at myself in the mirror. B. I’m not especially keen on taking a gander at myself in the reflect.
30.A. I truly prefer to be the focal point of consideration. B. It makes me awkward to be the focal point of consideration.
31.A. I can carry on with my life in any capacity I need to. B. Individuals can’t generally carry on with their lives regarding what they need.
32.A. Being an authority doesn’t imply that a lot to me. B. Individuals consistently appear to perceive my power.
33.A. I would like to be a pioneer. B. It has little effect to me if I am a pioneer.
34.A. I will be an extraordinary individual. B. I trust I will be fruitful.
35.A. Individuals at times accept what I advise them. B. I can cause anyone to accept anything I need them to.
36.A. I’m a conceived pioneer. B. Administration is a quality that sets aside a long effort to create.
37.A. I wish someone would sometime compose my account. B. I don’t care for individuals to get into my life under any condition.
38.A. I get vexed when individuals don’t see what I look like when I go out in the open. B. I wouldn’t mind mixing into the group when I go out openly.
39.A. I’m more proficient than others. B. There is a ton that I can gain from others.
40.A. I’m similar as every other person. B. I’m an uncommon individual.

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