About Self Esteem Test

This self esteem test is designed to measure your self-esteem and how are you feeling about yourself right now. There are no right and wrong answers so please do not consider it as a test. Please answer each item as carefully and accurately as you can by choosing each one as follows:

1 = Never
2 = Rarely
3 = A little of the time
4 = Some of the time
5 = A good part of the time
6 = Most of the time
7 = Always


1.I feel that people would not like me if they really knew me well.
2.I feel that others do things much better than I do.
3.I feel that I am an attractive person.
4.I feel confident in my ability to deal with other people.
5.I feel that I am likely to fail at things I do.
6.I feel that people really like to talk with me.
7.I feel that I am a very competent person.
8.When I am with other people I feel that they are glad I am with them.
9.I feel that I make a good impression on others.
10.I feel confident that I can begin new relationships if I want to.
11.I feel that I am ugly.
12.I feel that I am a boring person.
13.I feel very nervous when I am with strangers.
14.I feel confident in my ability to learn new things.
15.I feel good about myself.
16.I feel ashamed of myself.
17.I feel inferior to other people.
18.I feel that my friends find me interesting.
19.I feel that I have a good sense of humor.
20.I get angry at myself over the way I am.
21.I feel relaxed meeting new people.
22.I feel that other people are smarter than myself.
23.I do not like myself.
24.I feel confident in my ability to cope with difficult situations.
25.I feel that I am not very likable.
26.My friends value me a lot.
27.I am afraid I will appear stupid to others.
28.I feel that I am an okay person.
29.I feel that I can count on myself to manage things well.
30.I wish I could just disappear when I am around other people.
31.I feel embarrassed to let others hear my ideas.
32.I feel that I am a nice person.
33.I feel that if I could be more like other people then I would feel better about myself.
34.I feel that I get pushed around more than others.
35.I feel that people like me.
36.I feel that people have a good time when they are with me.
37.I feel confident that I can do well in whatever I do.
38.I trust the competence of others more than I trust my own abilities.
39.I feel that I mess things up.
40.I wish that I were someone else.

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