Some people need the weather to be all right to be happy but there are others, who carry the weather with them. In other words, it doesn’t matter, every day is Friday (or Sunday if you are a student ). How to develop that attitude? What is that which enables some people to master their emotions and always be happy?

One Couple went to India. When you go to India, you have to meet many relatives. So they are having different personalities and moods, some are very sour in nature, some are soft. So this wife kept complaining to her husband about her nanad, her husband’s 3rd sister. “You know, today she said this to me…… You know today, I smiled at her and she did not smile at me.” And so on and so forth.

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Finally, the husband said, “My dear wife, I agree she is not behaving well. You are very right, she should behave better. However, her behavior is not in my hands. And there is nothing that I can do about it. If you want peace of mind, you have to tolerate that behavior.

So what husband is saying is, the externals are not in our hands.

So what do you need to be happy? You need a bungalow or do you need a Cadillac, or do you need seven zeroes in your bank balance? What is it that will make you happy? And suppose that you have all that, is there a guarantee that you will be happy?

Actually not .

It is all the matter of your attitude. These attitudes are so important. They can make a heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven.

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There were two patients in the ICU of a hospital. Both were critically ill and bedridden. Since they had been there for a few days, they used to speak to each other and had established a deep bond. They had exchanged stories of their childhood, their youth, and their early marriage and their children and everything under the sun.

The first patient’s bed was close to the only window of that room. For one hour he would be made to sit up and at that time he would look out of the window and describe the wonderful scene that he saw.

There was a garden just below. It had a fountain in the center with a pool around. On the ledge of the pool, little children come and sit and chit chat. Old ladies would bask on the benches in the sun and sometimes ducks would be seen, waddling along in a line. Sometimes, the geese would also land there. Occasionally he would describe how procession had come and they have had roses in the band along with them.

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Now, when he would describe that, the 2nd patient would become enlivened. It was in such sharp contrast to the dreary hospital environment with its smell of medicines and phenyl, and its vision of syringes and bottle tubes, etc. He used to wait for the one hour when his friend would sit up and describe what he saw.

However one day, an evil thought entered his mind. Why does this guy have to have all the fun and not me? Why is God unfair to me in this manner? He did not have to think like that, but he did. And even he did, he could have rejected the thought and not harbored it, but he did harbor it until it started festering within and created a wound and filled him with negativity for his friend until he started hating the sight of his friend.

One night the 1st patient started coughing. It was a different kind of cough as he was suffocating. Now the obvious thing would have been to press the emergency bell. However, either he was in too much discomfort or he did not think of it. So he kept gasping and suffocating. The second best thing would have been for his friend to press the emergency bell.

But his friend was thinking. “This guy is suffering, very good. He deserves it. ” And the 1st patient coughed a little more and then all was silent.

Next morning, the medical attendants came. They saw the dead body and without a fuss they removed it.

This second patient was allowed a couple of days to go by to avoid any suspicion, and then he made a request. Can my bed be moved by the window side? They said, “Yes, it’s empty.” They moved him. He said, “I am now well enough, can I sit for an hour?” They said that’s a fair enough request. They helped him sit down, and after two weeks he was looking out to the external worlds through the window.

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And what did he see ? The second wing of the hospital !!

He said,” What is this?” They said the way the hospital is designed to have the maximum use of the space. It’s got many wings with a little bit of gap. So when you look out, you’ll see just another wing of the hospital. He said, “But what is it that my friend was seeing? They said, “That was the beauty of his own mind. That was what he chose to see.”

The worls is same for all of us. What is it that you want to see ?

So we can see goodness in others. we should cheer up our thoughts. As the saying goes in English, “Two men looked out of the prison bars; one saw the mud, one saw the stars.

So the attitude that we choose, this freedom to choose is upto us.

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